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Since a young age, I have had a deep passion for games and the games industry. From knowing why a level worked the way it did, to how engines - and later - programming languages can be used to make increasingly vibrant, emotional, and innovative games.


Unreal Engine 4 Plugin

Made as a Final Year Project Piece, this handy plugin was made to help with rapid-prototyping within Unreal Engine 4. Simply add the 'Universal Bar Collection' Component and immediately have access to a modifiable, normalizable value!


Tech Demo - In Development

Project Window is a experience where you journey through a forest to find a Temple containing an ancient Portal which is said to lead to the God's Plane. It was made as part of a Shader Study looking into creating custom buffers for use in Unreal Engine 4. 

Puzzle Platformer

In Zwitch, you help an abandoned Robot escape their facility using the Time Travel technology that the facility owners have been working on.

Online Third-Person Shooter - In Development

Two inter-dimensional races have vowed to conquer the planet of Terra, each trying to warp the world to match their own reality. Pick your side and fight to claim Terra for yourself!

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