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Intuitive Configurator

Design how your Bars work using a custom Details Inspector

Reference in Blueprint, UMG, and the Material Editor

Allows for endless uses and implementations

In-built Regeneration and Bleeding

Spend more time making awesome mechanics

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Simian's Universal Bars is an Actor Component, written in C++, for Unreal Engine 4. When attached to an Actor, the user is able to create,  configure, and control how a Value can be manipulated between a custom Minimum and Maximum. This manipulated Value can be referenced at any time in Blueprint, the Unreal Material Editor, or UMG.

This Value can also be modified at any time, and the abilities have been provided to allow for customized regeneration, and damage bleed from one Bar to another. Each Component can contain as many Bars as required by the user, meaning that you can keep collections of Bars tidily together in one Component! 


A Player has a Universal Bar Component attached called "Health Values". Within this Component there are three Bars:

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