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Terra-Surge is a multiplayer-only 3rd Person Shooter developed in UE4. You take part as one of two inter-dimensional factions: Dawn or Dusk. Both factions are trying to claim our dimension for their own, and this is achieved by capturing the Spire in the middle in order to grant their faction more control of the battlefield. It is the winning Factions job to continue to Victory by also capturing the opposing faction's base in order to lock them out of the newly claimed dimension. 


During this project, I took on the role of Senior Technical Manager.  I was placed in charge 2 Junior Technical Designers, and I worked with them to implement all the mechanics in the game. My personal tasks were to create the dimension swapping mechanic, as well as setting up the multiplayer back-end to work with Steam for matchmaking and achievements. Lastly, it was my job to always ensure there was a build available for testing at any point I was asked for it.

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